Eagles lead Citadel 31-0

Hayden Boudreaux

Half time summary

Captains: Tay Hicklin, Antonio Glover, Cody Rediger, Roscoe Byrd

1st Quarter

–          Eagles win coin toss, defer to the second half.

–          Eagle defender Ross Alexander intercepts a tipped ball in the backfield.

–          Eagles are held to a field goal from Alex Hanks, GASO 3 Citadel 0, 11:46 1Q.

–          Citadel gets one first down but turn the ball over after a failed fourth down.

–          Eagles move the ball down the field in small chunks, end with a touchdown from Ellison from the goal line, GASO 10 Citadel 0, 1:25 1Q.

2nd Quarter

–          Citadel held to a three and out.

–          Wesley Fields breaks a 25 yard run followed by a 25 yard touchdown from Matt Breida, GASO 17 Citadel 0, 12:35 2Q.

–          Citadel starts a promising drive but punts it away at midfield.

–          Breida breaks off an 87 yard run on the first play of the drive. GASO 24 Citadel 0, 8:43 2Q

–          Citadel throws interception on ensuing drive.

–          Eagles get down the field on the back of Ramsby and Ellison. Ellison scores on a 9 yard run. GASO 31 Citadel 0, 3:50 2Q

–          Citadel begins to move the ball downfield but a fumble ends the drive.

–          Eagles can’t move the ball and are forced to punt.

–          Citadel runs out the clock.