Concert Series: Week 5, Gimme Hendrix

Meg Elwood

AirBound Entertainment and Club 125’s month long concert series continues with the throwback tribute band, Gimme Hendrix.

The Members:

  • Eric Keaton – Guitar/Vocals
  • Matt Garrison – Bass/Vocals
  • Brandon Hicks – Drums/Vocals

“We’re just keepin’ the music alive man,” said guitarist Eric Keaton. Only three years ago in Athens Georgia, the trio known as Gimme Hendrix formed through jam sessions and a love of music by the one and only, Jimi Hendrix. Through the years, they’ve performed in small college towns and large concert halls of Georgia and other southeastern states like Tennessee and South Carolina.

The band gives audiences a blast from the past performance by dressing the part, capturing the vibes of the 60’s and sounding like the live versions of the classic Hendrix Experience songs. The solid, grinding guitar riffs and chest pounding drum beats send audiences through a time warp, away from the rap and pop music of today to the pure instrumental connection of psychedelic rock.

“We try to connect with the audience through the music, not the flashy lights. It’s similar to how Jimi would connect with his audiences too,” said Keaton.

Today, the sound may be unattractive to the ear. Our population today finds good music to be filled with electronic beeps and base drops, rappers yelling and cursing, pop voices filtered through recording machines, and artists somehow always finding a way to make a music video have some sort of sexual content. Like riding on a gigantic wrecking ball. Unfortunately, many of these artists will not be remembered 50 years from now and have cover bands like Jimi Hendrix has today. So give it a chance, get your tye-dye on, and live the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 2015.

The band will perform at Club 125 on Thursday, April 23 at 10 p.m.

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