Women’s tennis regular season comes to close for lone senior

Derik Wuchte

Jordana Klein is the only senior player on the 10-6 women’s tennis team. She has helped the team to a winning record as its regular season closed yesterday against the College of Charleston.

All her contributions and efforts have paid off this year. With the Sun Belt Championship approaching next week, the team is going to need Klein and everyone else to give it their all for them to win.

Earlier in the season, Klein seemed to recognize that this team had potential. With new head coach Michelle Stanford, Klein described how this was the team that would push past its limits.

“We came into the season working very hard on and off the court,” Klein said. “We have what it takes to be successful this year. We have what it takes to beat anyone in our conference and in our schedule.”

Troy University, Appalachian State University and Arkansas State University all fell to Southern this year. Only the past champs, Georgia State University, and undefeated South Alabama University got the upper hand on the Eagles. That pushed the team to a 3-2 conference record on the season.

Klein knew what shape the Eagles were in during February, and she sensed how the team would shape up during the season. Although not every contest was a win, the Eagles learned enough to better themselves with every match. Losses were minor setbacks on a longer road.

When the Eagles are the ones normally ahead, being behind put them in a different spot. Klein had talked about the team’s energy and how the women play off of each other. Especially when it came to being optimistic, the team never gave up.

“We’re always cheering, no matter the outcome,” Klein said. “It kind of helps being the louder team. It kind of gets in your opponent’s head.”

The Eagles had a 6-2 final record at home. Although tennis can be a low-profile sport, opposing teams always knew whose house it was when coming to Statesboro.

“College tennis is a lot different than any other college sport,” Klein said. “Especially when you’re the home team, you have the home field advantage.”

Only a few meets slowed the Eagles down this season. With this being Klein’s final year to give the Eagles a chance at a trophy, she plans on doing everything she can to help them win.

“Any given match, anyone can beat anyone,” Klein said. “Everyone’s match is just as important as yours.”

Everything will need to come together for the Eagles to claim the championship. With the odds a bit in their favor, this could be their year.

Klein’s regular season career has ended and all that is left will be the Sun Belt championship next week.