Georgia Southern Receives “Crime Free” Housing Designation

Jozsef Papp

The International Crime Free Association Inc. awarded Georgia Southern University with a crime free housing designation.

The designation was awarded after officers completed training associated with the award and as a result of new initiatives that were implemented to create a safer environment in on-campus residence halls.

Officers Charles Bowen and Danny Garrigus are in charge of working directly with campus departments to ensure that campus residential facilities meet the standards set forth by the International Crime Free Association Inc.

“For students who choose to live on campus, this designation means they’ll live in facilities that have enhanced physical security that off-campus housing may not offer,” Bowen said.

In order to receive the designation, residence halls are required to meet certain design standards such as, door frames, door peepholes and lighting. University housing “meets or exceeds” the standards by including the implementation of security camera systems used by the Office of Public Safety.