Statesboro Concert Series: Week Two

Meg Elwood

TONIGHT: Atlas Road Crew & PIANO. perform live at Club 125

Week two of Statesboro’s new concert series, brought to you by Airbound Entertainment, is going to be in full swing tonight at 9 p.m. at Club 125. The series began last week with a performance from The Steppin Stones and will continue every Thursday until April 30. The weeks to come include performances by artists like Archnemesis and Ryan Kinder, as well as tons of free giveaways from sponsors to the event like CounterPoint Pre-Parties, Eagle Creek Brewery, Cheeky, Forum and Barefoot.

Performing tonight live on Club 125’s stage is the Atlas Road Crew (ARC) with new and quickly rising band, PIANO.

Atlas Road Crew (ARC):


  • Taylor Nicholson: Vocals/Guitar
  • Max Becker: Bass
  • Dave Beddingfield: Guitar
  • Bryce James: Piano
  • Patrick Drohan: Drums

Their journey for the group of friends to become musicians first began at the University of South Carolina on Atlas Road, the road in front of their original practice space and their future band name. The band now calls Charleston, South Carolina home after becoming extremely popular in Georgia and the Carolinas, which spread through the deep south and up the East Coast before going nationwide. They quickly began building a fan base through their constant touring of over 200 shows a year. Even without having a record label’s advertisement, their music is even reaching people all the way to the Czech Republic and Australia.

“We’ve improved our songwriting over the different recording sessions the band has done and developed the ability to boil the songs down into their essence,” says bassist Max Becker. “We’re more interested in twitting a great song first, then we’ll take it in the road and mess with it live.”

Featured in last week’s addition of Statesboro Connect, Crew’s newest album Halfway to Hopkins “offers a comprehensive sampling of Southern rock” that is “inspired by the bittersweet joys and difficulties of life on the road”. The band creates a brilliant old-school acoustic sound that really make you want to drive down the road on a perfectly sunny day in a cherry red 1960 Chevy Impala.

“The mood of the band is really positive right now,” drummer Patrick Drohan said, “we’re really grateful for where we are right now and the positive feedback from everybody. We’re full of ambition.”

The crew will perform in Club 125 tonight at 10 p.m. Cover is only $5.

Search for Atlas Road Crew on Facebook, Twitter or visit their website at



  • Mike Kerr: Guitar, vocals
  • Matt Litt: Bass, vocals
  • Scott Underwood: Drums, vocals

PIANO. was formed in August 2014 as a side project of being a cover band with members from other bands like Francis Marion and the Crocodiles and Those Cats, but is now the real deal. Together, the dedicated band creates a grunge, rock’n’roll, blues feel that is similar to the bands thy used to cover, like The Black Keys and The White Stripes. Recently they have released their first EP titled “Tiny Bullet Choir” which features five original songs with a variety of almost vintage, lo-fi blues sounds, such as “Friend of a Friend” and “Don’t Talk to Me”.

PIANO. will perform on stage at Club 125 tonight at 9 p.m.

To find out more on PIANO., search for them on Facebook and Twitter @thebandpiano, or visit their website

Two CD’s for both bands will be given away for free during the concert as well as two free CounterPoint Festival passes, which attendees are given a chance to win every Thursday, no matter who is performing.

Tune in next week for a performance by Archnemesis!