Spring Fashion Guide

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Rashida Otunba and Michelle Pratt

Mary Vanderheyden: Sporty

Richmond Hill, Ga.

“My fashion sense is casual with some vintage influences while still being modern. Honestly, my style changes based on how I’m feeling and the weather, and what I’m planning on doing. My fashion icons are Taylor Swift and the people on Pinterest. Those people have skill.”

Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts – American Eagle

Shoes – Dillard’s

long necklace – Francesca’s

small necklace – Entourage

Flower bracelet: Francesca’s

gold rope bracelet: Etsy

Laid back, casual, and super cute are all words that can be used to describe this sophomore pre-nutrition and food science major. With a pair of simple white shorts with a navy top and a long necklace, she shows that you can stay comfortable and still look cute at the same time. This look is also very versatile and allows you to pair a lighter colored bottom with a darker top or a dark bottom with a light top if you want to keep your look simple.

Dress: Francesca’s

Shoes – Dillard’s

long necklace – Francesca’s

small necklace – Entourage

Flower bracelet: Francesca’s

gold rope bracelet: Etsy

Every girl should own at least one good shift dress. The lace background with the geometric patterns around the top of Mary’s dress really sticks to her idea of having a style that has “vintage influences while still being modern.” For a look like Mary’s you can look to Taylor Swift for inspiration when putting together a cute but casual look.

Madeline Peebles: Preppy

Wrens, Ga.

“My style is a mixture of everything, but I like to put modern and classic twists on my outfits. The South has really influenced my style, I like to really capture the essence of a true modern Southern belle with a little rebellious side. I really enjoy the work of Kate Spade, because she truly captures a classic preppy style but adds to it with the trends of today.”

“My fashion icons would have to be Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Underwood and Savannah Chrisley.”

Jean jacket- Izod

White tank top-Old Navy

Neon shorts- Charlotte Russe

Shoes- Steve Madden

In this outfit, Peebles combines bright shorts with a plain tank to create a look that is always in style, plus by adding a jean jacket she it gives this classic look a little edge. With simple outfits like this one, adding a statement bag brings the whole look together.

White jeans-American Eagle

Button down- Polo


Pearl necklace- J.Crew

Sticking to her Southern style, Madeline uses a pastel shirt and pairs it with some white skinny jeans rolled into capris for this hot Georgia weather. Madeline thinks you can never go wrong with pearls and doesn’t hesitate to add a chunky pearl necklace to show off your inner Reese Witherspoon.

Rachel Mounce: Grunge

Tampa, Florida

“My style is minimalist with grunge/edgy elements. I’m a trend follower and I’m not ashamed, there’s a reason certain looks are made popular at times. However, if I really like a certain trend, I’ll keep wearing it long after it’s gone. If an outfit looks good on me, there’s no reason to stop wearing it even after the style has ended with the general public.My inspiration comes from a lot of YouTubers such as Kailee Mckenzie, Rachel Whitehurst and Maddi Bragg.”

Dress: Brandy Melville

Shoes: Target

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Sticking with her minimalist style, Mounce pairs a simple black and white striped dress with a pair of low heel booties and a chic hat. This outfit manages to look sleek and polished without too much fuss and the dress’s thin fabric makes it breathable and comfortable enough for spring..

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Forever 21

Flannel: American Eagle

Shoes: Traffic

Hat: Urban Outfitters

In this ensemble, Mounce assimilates nineties grunge and modern style to create a breathtaking look. She accentuates her petite frame by adding a bandeau to her T-shirt and short shorts , which also allows her stay cool in the heat.

Chemani Baxter – Edgy

Hampton, Virginia

I would describe my style as chic, modern and statement-making. My style icons are Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Jumpsuit: Rainbow

Single strap black heels: Go Jane

Spring colors come to life in this jaw-dropping ensemble as Baxter proves that it is easy to look both stylish and comfortable on the journey to class. This colorful romper is an ode to style and simplicity and when paired with heels, creates the perfect spring look.

Wet Seal distressed jeans

Ross Orange sheer shirt

Shoe Land heel booties

For the edgy girl, it’s all about statement pieces this spring. Combining simple statement pieces, like distressed jeans and an airy blouse with an amazing print boot or studded flat makes all the difference when designing an outfit.