Q&A Reece’s Smoke Shop

Meg Elwood and Katie Keith

Statesboro’s newest Herbalist Hobby Shop, Reece’s Pieces, is located right next door to Mellow Mushroom on Bermuda Run. Owner Brian Thompson is a former GSU student who decided to open his own shop in August with great prices and even better products, like incense, tapestries, handmade art and even Nintendo 64 games. The shop even features two unexpected guests: Lucy and lord Billingsworth.

The cats, Lucy and Lord Billingsworth, both showed up randomly. They are now healthy, well loved, and sociable little cats who will peek from under tables and behind couches from time to time.

The store also displays and sells local artwork and hand crafted glasswork.

“A lot of our glass items actually come from our stores in Mississippi, they actually have glass blowers there.” Thompson said. Another unique service they provide is booze-bottle bubbler making.

Want to know more? Check out this Q&A.

Q: What’s your main specialty?

A: “We were originally tobacco pipes, but now almost half of our business is video games, we carry some of the newer games, but generally vintage games, which we buy from people who come in and we trade for store credit or we buy outright.”

Q: How do you think your prices are compared to other smoke shops?

A: “We try to have really good prices on everything. I’d rather go with low markup and high volume. Then everyone’s happy, especially the customers.”

Q: How did this store become what it is today?

A: “It was actually based off of a friend’s store, me and my business partner both used to manage smoke shops here in town called Cosmic Charlie’s and we opened our own in Mississippi, but I moved back to open one here in August. So we’ve got a store there and here.”

Q: Where did the name “Reece’s Pieces” come from?

A: “Actually it’s named after one of my friends who passed away and he wanted a head shop so, we gave him one.”

Q: One of your store’s iconic touches are the cats running around. Why cats?

A: “Our other store actually had a shop-kitty and everybody loved it. We’ve actually always had them in all of our stores. I like to have something to do since I’m up here for almost 10 hours a day, they keep me from being too stressed out.”

Q: What is the Booze-Bottle Bubbler making process?

If you have any type of empty bottle lying around, whether it be Grey Goose, Patron, Captain 100, or whatever you enjoy drinking, for only $10 and three minutes of your time, they will drill a small hole in the bottle so you can add on whatever equipment you’d like to make your dream bubbler.