Q&A with Scott Wolfes: GSU golfer talks going pro

Emma Collins

Senior Scott Wolfes has been on the Georgia Southern University golf team for four years. He will be turning pro after this summer.

Q: How did you get into the game of golf?

A: “I started playing a little bit when I was around ten or eleven. I was really into baseball and basketball–I was pretty good at baseball. I decided around seventh grade that I just wanted to play golf. I got pretty burnt out with baseball. I grew up on St. Simons, and my golf teacher lived there, so it worked out great. I kept getting better and better and, in high school, I realized I had a chance to play in college.”

Q: What other colleges did you consider playing golf for?

A: “Auburn and Kennesaw State, but then came here and committed. I found out that Georgia Southern was going to be the right fit for me, and I’ve enjoyed my four years here.”

Q: Was there anyone specific who got you into the game of golf?

A: “My dad and my stepdad. They introduced me to the game and helped me when I was starting out, then just kinda let me do my own thing. I had a few lessons, and I was on my way.”

Q: Who are your biggest golf role models?

A: “Well, growing up on St Simons, Davis Love III. He moved there during high school, and lived there ever since. I grew up with his son. It was pretty cool growing up watching him play golf. Now, there are about twenty touring pros or more who live there, and hopefully I’ll be another one of those living there one day.”

Q: Who is your biggest fan or support system?

A: “I would say my grandmother. She has been to every high school and college tournament that I’ve played in. My immediate family has supported me a lot, but my grandmother is definitely my number one fan.”

Q: Jordan Spieth, age 21, just won the Masters. Is he an inspiration? Or a motivation?

A: “He is. It has motivated me even more because I played some of the same junior golf tournaments as he did, and we played against each other through the rankings in college golf. Just seeing how much he has progressed since turning pro early and seeing that–it lets me know that I can do the same if I work hard and do the right thing.”

Q: Which pro tournament are you most looking forward to playing in?

A: “Just getting to the Masters is awesome, but winning the Masters, especially for a kid from Georgia, would be the number one goal. Playing in the U.S. Open and British Open, too.”

Q: What’s your biggest accomplishment in life so far?

A: “Winning the Schenkel Invitational with the team in 2014 out at Forest Heights Country Club. That’s my biggest accomplishment so far, but once I graduate, that will be my biggest accomplishment.”

Q: What’s a fun fact about you?

A: “I love Chipotle, and it’s kinda disappointing there isn’t one here.”