Drop into Earth 2 inside the Planetarium

Michelle Pratt

On Friday, March 27, the Planetarium will be showing “LICHTMOND-Universe of Light,” a poetic trip through sounds and landscapes taking viewers to a parallel universe called Earth 2.

“Universe of Light” is a short show lasting thirty nine minutes. The showing starts at 6 p.m. and will play on a loop until 10 p.m.

Unlike most shows at the planetarium, “Universe of Light” is not meant to be an educational piece but instead a piece for “fun and enjoyment,” according to Becky Lowder, the Astronomy Laboratory Coordinator.

“Just let it come over your senses and sit back and just enjoy,” Lowder said.

“Universe of Light” opens your senses and touches your soul through beauty, poetry, and purity. When a meteor hits this Earth 2 a tree of life forms along with what seems to be any life form imaginable. From flying fish to dancing leaf people, “Universe of Light” will definitely blow your mind.

“LICHTMOND is a beautiful and artistic 360 degree full dome experience musically and visually,” Lowder said.

The music is also one of the most important factors in drawing in the crowd. You cannot have psychedelic scenes without psychedelic music.

Some of the artists featured in this film are Alan Parsons, I Murvini and Boy George.

“The poetry in the lyrics of the music is just beautiful. Its all about life,” Lowder said.

Under the Planetarium Dome you will be able to experience the almost three-dimensional figures throughout this immersive experience, according to Lowder.

Ryan Kessler, political science major, went to this show his sophomore year and explained the experience as life changing.

“I really only knew mainstream music that was currently on the radio, but when I went and watched Litchmond I realized that there was so much more out there in the artistic realm,” Kessler said.

After watching the trailer Morgan Goss, freshman public relations major, is really looking forward to going to the planetarium to watch “Universe of Light.”

Goss said, “When I first read the description I thought it sounded pretty cool, but the trailer really is what makes me want to go. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the movie looks like.”