Surviving St. Patricks Day in Savannah

Meg Elwood

It’s not easy being Green…Especially in Downtown Savannah.

This can be the best day ever or your worst nightmare. From a Savannah native, here’s how to Survive St. Patricks Day in Savannah.

First Off:

The Parade begins at 10:15 a.m. near Forsyth Park and usually lasts until 3:00 p.m. making a loop from Abercorn to Broughton, East Broad to Bay, and then up Bull street, ending where Bull meets with Harris St. Avoid these streets at all cost when driving unless you’re hoping to get a headache.

Can’t be there Tuesday? The festivities start on Saturday with the greening of the Forsyth Fountain and concerts in various locations of Downtown Savannah. Multiple attractions like inflatables will also be up and running.

*The all time best way to St. Patrick’s Day is to know someone! This factor can make really make your experience. If you know someone who lives or works downtown talk to them ASAP. Ask to spend the night or use their place as a home-base if they plan on staying there. Having a clean bathroom and a place to keep your food and beer is the ultimate win.*


– Get there EARLY 6:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. at the latest and start scavenging. No tickets will be given for parking meters…but seriously, best wishes to you with parking.

– *Best Way* Park at the Trade Center across the river from River Street and take a Ferry. The Ferry is free, but the trade center may have a fee.

– City Garages charge fees and may be completely full. Worth a try, but beware.

– CAT Buses may just save your life. They pick up on the Westside (Garden City), Southside (Savannah Mall) and Eastside (Whitemarsh Island). Check out more information on the bus routes for the day at


– Port-O-Potties are pretty nasty, but can be a complete lifesaver. Restaurants usually leave bathrooms for customers only, especially on River Street, but there are tons available across from the Candy Kitchen on River Street as well as near City Market and Bay Street. Just bring your hand sanitizer.

3. FOOD:

– Expect long waits for tables and food, especially at places like B&D Burgers, Wild Wing Cafe and pretty much any place that serves beer.

TIP: The festivities on River Street extend from the Market Place to The Bohemian. Any of the restaurants out of that bracket should be less packed. Check out Dub’s Pub or Spanky’s at the ends of River Street for great food and probably much less of a wait.

What to Bring:

Everything you can!

– If there’s a chance of rain, bring a rain jacket.
– If you’re of age, bring your own beer in cargo shorts, backpacks, or coolers.
– Baller on a budget? Bring some snacks. Lots of them. Walking around really burns off the beer calories and makes you hungry.
– Hoodies/Jackets: PACK ‘EM. Morning’s can be chilly.
– Water: Must have, you’ll need it.

– Phone charger: You’ll probably lose or want to find people, and that can get hectic. Not to mention, GroupMe can really suck your poor phone’s battery life.

Things to Know for 21+ :

– If you plan on drinking after the parade and want to continue walking around to the live music performances, you MUST purchase a wristband at one of the 26 booths at the entrances to River Street. Wristbands are $5 each day (Saturday through Tuesday). You do not need one Tuesday during the parade, only from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Above all else, go nuts with the green. You’re in to see a wide range of coolest to absolute weirdest things this coming weekend.


The George-Anne would like to remind you that you are probably not Irish, and that you cannot claim to be Irish specifically because it’s Saint Paddy’s day. If you are actually Irish, we apologize. We would also like to remind you to partly safely. Don’t drink and drive, stay hydrated, always stay with a buddy and wear green.