The Unsung Heroes of GSU

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Meg Elwood

Sometimes, its just nice to stop and take notice of people. You never know what their stories may be like.

We are constantly on the move. When do we ever stop to look around? If we look at the surface of things, we can see a pretty picture. But if we dare to go deeper, to notice those around us and start conversation, we could enter a whole new view of the world that shows us how much work and how many people are below the surface of the pretty picture we live in everyday.

Karen Boggan: Bus Driver

Been here for nine years, starting August of 2005.

A heart-filled woman who is determined make lives better by doing the little things. From hearty “Goodmorning’s” to cheerful “Goodevening’s”, she is positive during every moment and enjoys helping us get from one place to another quickly and safely.

“I love coming here and I love talking to the students, finding out where they’re from and what they’re interested in because you know, to me, everybody needs a friend. Anybody can have a bad day and even just someone sayin’ “hello” to somebody can brighten up their day. I think it’s very important to notice people. To let them know that you saw them and to let them know “hey, I saw you.” A student will be all the way in the back of the bus and they’ll come up here and say “Mrs. Karen, now, you have a nice day!” And do you know what? Whatever’s going on with my problems, it just melts it all away. It just blesses my heart whenever one of our students does that.”

Diane Houston: Facilities Services in the Library

Been here 18 years.

A quiet, yet bold spirited woman who quietly putters around the library taking care of our occasional sloppy college-kid messes, giving Club Hendy the sparkle that many fail to observe.

“Well, I love my job, I wish I could get a little bit more money from it. The work’s not hard and I like being around people. I just love the students and I love the school. My dream is to retire in two more years, just two more and I’m outta’ here.”

Harvey Littles: (Left) Facilities Services of the University grounds

Been here 5 years

Rough on the outside from work, but soft on the inside from care. He has sure to have seen many sunrises and sunsets while caring for the grounds of Georgia Southern we walk upon everyday.

“Oh yea, I like my job. It pays the bills thats for sure. I’m just takin’ it day by day. Day by day.”

Mike Gerwig: (Right) Facilities Services of the University grounds

Been here for three weeks

Eager to work and enjoy life, he is bound to see many sunrises and sunsets while caring for the grounds with Littles. Both keep our campus the image of perfection that it always has been, something that takes time and hard work which many fail to realize.

“I was working in Maryland on a golf course and we were planing on moving to Georgia, so I applied for it, and when we moved down here — here I am! Badda-bing-badda-boom! We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t love it. That’s the bottom line, because you’ve gotta have a passion to do it.

Katie Edwards: Starbucks “Coffee Master”

Been here on and off since the store opened in 2006.

Beaming with warm welcome’s and sweet thank you’s, she is a woman who personifies the drinks she makes. Which in turn, makes the lives of students better one greeting and espresso shot at a time.

“My favorite part is the people I work with and the people I’m around — the students. I love Georgia Southern University, I graduated from here in 2007. Eagle Dining services as a whole is kind of like a family, so its comfortable and familiar. I kept coming back here because I knew they would help me out and take care of me, it was like giving me a home.”

‘With memories, there was a student that came in and she had a rough day, I was at the register talking to her and I said “well what size can I get you?” and she said “venti hot chocolate” — she always got a venti hot chocolate. But then, she burst into tears, she was just so upset. So, the manager here, because I was just a barrista at the time, she comes up and she said “I’m so sorry, I’ll take care of you, no problem.” She pays for her drink, walks over to her, sits down with her and talks to her for like 20 or 30 minutes to make her feel better. It really showed me that I’m here to serve the students, but it’s more than that, you know? I like to interact with the students and make their day better, it doesn’t matter if I’m having a bay day, I just smile, make their drink and do the best I can, because it’s all I can do sometimes.”