Intoxicated Bouncer Arrested At Statesboro Mayor’s Home

Jozsef Papp

On Feb. 6, Justin Dakota Gordon, 19, was arrested outside Mayor Jan Moore’s home, a police report said.

The Statesboro teen, an underage bar bouncer at Shenanigans, is facing charges of underage possession of alcohol by consumption, loitering and prowling, public intoxication, criminal trespass and possession of a fictitious ID.

According to police reports, Gordon entered Moore’s house, thinking it was his friend’s house, looking for a breaker box. He startled the mayor and her husband by entering their bedroom while talking on a cell phone, the Statesboro Herald reports.

The mayor called the police as Gordon was leaving the house through the back door. He was found hugging a tree in the back yard, according to the Statesboro Herald.

Gordon told police he didn’t know who had served him the alcohol and that he was off duty. Gordon is currently being held at the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office.