Get Fit… CrossFit.

Meg Elwood

Spring Break is just a few weeks away and that means that if you have yet to give up on your New Year’s resolution, your goal is getting your body into some type of shape.

Whether your goal is to keep your body and mind looking and feeling great, or if it’s to get some serious muscle to show off to the ladies, there’s a place that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the Statesboro community that can help you accomplish all of those things.

CrossFit Boro.

What the heck is this “Crossed Fitness” Gym?

CrossFit Boro is a gym that gives members a perfect place to get the full-body, butt-kicking workout they need. It combines cardio and strength workouts to fit whatever goals you may have to get that body or stamina you’ve always wanted. Owner Ryan Brack has been an active CrossFitter since Sep. 2010.

“I was epically out of shape due to my lifestyle and previous injuries. I was an IT major, so I was an IT consultant by trade and I just needed to get in shape. I found CrossFit and lost 60 pounds in just two months.”

And he’s not the only one; members are almost guaranteed results if they follow a decent nutrition plan and really work for it in CrossFit.

I’ve already got the RAC, why would I want to go to CrossFit?

“We are more focused towards quick transformations because the training is going to be a lot more guided,” Brack said.

– Custom? Yes, you get a personal trainer, nutrition plan and workout program written for you everyday.

– Like Group stuff? They do too! You can do both small and large group training sessions. It will not be as custom as one-on-one training, but you’re with a group of people that are similar in workout modes to you.

– Sports player? They’ve got you covered with workouts to help you enhance your abilities in the sport, whether it be baseball, cross-country, tennis, gymnastics or even cheerleading.

– Injury/Disability? No problem. They can scale and modify any workout to your needs to help you strengthen after an injury or replace one workout with another if you have a disability.

Hm… I’ve heard some rumors about this place.

There are two things that make people iffy about joining CrossFit: The price and the “risks.”

Skeptics of CrossFit say it can be dangerous and that it’s easy to get injured with the “high-intensity” workouts or that it really doesn’t do much for you. Like any workout routine, if you incorrectly preform the workout you are at risk to injure yourself or have not-so-great results. Intensity-wise, you might feel like all of the other people around you there are super ripped and the only way to be like them is by killing yourself with workouts, but that is false. Workouts are whatever intensity you choose.

Ok, cool beans, but what about that price?

CrossFit Boro charges about $8 an hour for a personal workout session and for using the equipment supplied. All of that at other gyms like the RAC, Globogym, or 180 Fitness would cost around $40-$60 an hour, and you would lose out on all of the personal stuff like a trainer who knows you by name, which can really make a difference when it comes to keeping up with a workout. 

Interested in trying out CrossFit Boro? Check out their website at to get started with a free consultation.