Spice Up the Valentines

Meg Elwood

Valentines Day. Your either frolicking with hearts in your eyes around Sweetheart Circle or your thinking, “Oh crap. I forgot to get a boy/girlfriend again”. Single or taken, this day is made a big whoop by forcing people to buy overpriced sushi, watch chick flicks and express PDA like Kim and Kanye at the Grammies.


This year, we in the Features section decided to spice up the Valentine’s edition. Everyone knows about the cute little dates to go on, but how can you really, REALLY, spice up a Valentines day? Single or not?

Now, we’re all in college. What this article holds may not interest everyone and that is perfectly fine. We each have our own interests and the main goal of this article is not to offend or bring any negative vibes, but to show the kinkily-crafty side of Valentines. One which many who wish to take part in may feel nervous or ashamed to bring up to their significant other.

Guess what, it is perfectly okay.

Sunset Novelties of Statesboro has a cool, friendly staff that is open to helping anyone from the nervous first-timers to those who have been around the block a time or two.

Store manager Kerstin McLemore is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about all of their toys. She walked us through the store happily telling us all of the details on top brands for everyone and helped us make this guide for you to “Spice up your V(alentines).” Enjoy!

The #1 Top Toy:

“We Vibe” is pricey, but fantastic. This U-shaped toy is prefect for couples who like to tease and get enjoyment from each other.

Fully waterproof and made from medical grade silicone, this rechargeable toy features a remote control system so if one of you goes to make a sandwich, the other can tell you how much they want you to come back.

Even cooler is the “We Vibe Plus” which works through your smartphone so you can create customized vibration patterns. Technology people. Technology.


Beginner: Handcuffs, plugs, mini vibes and men’s “D-rings” are HUGELY popular this time of year and are some great ones to start with.

Next Level: Ever heard of “Pegging”? This is some next level stuff that is not for guys with the faint of heart. It has become a huge deal and involves a strap-on of a particular shape. If you want to Google it, by all means go; it’s awesome. Just don’t venture to the videos section in public.



Beginner: D-rings with a vibe are sure to change up the game. Our favorite vibe for guys was shaped like a mustache, cute and classy!

Next Level: Plugs and beads are a great go-to. If your looking to get extra freaky then check out the “Triple Threat” toy. Be sure to use some water based lube though, good for you, your man and your toys.



Beginner: Metal or steel vibes are great for first timers, the super cool thing about them is that you can play with temperatures. Run it under some warm water or stick it in the fridge for a bit — thats a rush!

Next Level: “Vacu-Lock” is the latest and greatest for you ladies. Mix and match whatever harness and dong you wish, the combinations are endless. They have everything from super realistic to jelly form. If you already have your favorites and they’ve got a suction-cup bottom then try out the “Vacu-Lock Plus” and suction that baby onto a harness!



Beginner: Ben-Wah balls and mini vibes. Mini’s are great for “Me, Myself, and I” time, but beware of the wretched watch batteries. They die quickly and are a bit pricey to replace. Ben-Wah’s not only feel awesome, but are a great workout for your muscles, hail to the V and keep yourself fit forever.

Next Level: Rabbit Vibes, specifically “The Rain Maker.” Seriously. It’s the best of the best for ladies and is fully waterproof, made of medical grade silicone and works through “thumper” vibes. The off-set spinning weight allows for multiple O’s to be reached without desensitizing the area. For a little bit lower price and different feel, check out the “Wild Orchid.” Equally beautiful and satisfying as The Rain Maker.

“Fun fact. There are three different types of vibes: Gyrate, Buzz and Thump,” said McLemore.


Beginner: The “Flesh-Light.” Extremely durable and always a popular product, they come in a canister with detailed outsides and textured insides.

“The high-end stuff they really put more time, effort and study into. Might be more expensive, but it’s very worth it” said McLemore.

Next-Level: “Vivids” are very similar to the Flesh-Light in durability and inside texture, but what makes them next-level is the new temperature play edition. Placing a small metal rod inside of the canister heats the area, using some natural lube with this toy will make everything seem all-natural.