Angel McGowan: A leader on and off the court

Hayden Boudreaux

When recruiting prospects, head women’s basketball coach Chris Vozab looks at more than a player’s skill on the court. Sophomore guard Angel McGowan certainly gave something to notice: a published children’s book.

“In the recruiting process, we try to not just look at basketball, and look at the whole picture. We knew she wrote it, and we thought it was just the coolest thing,” Vozab said.

In high school, McGowan was inspired by her parents’ anti-bullying campaign. Though she had never been bullied in school, she certainly had seen some throughout her school years. Her parents wanted Angel to go out and do something to bring attention to this issue that can be found in every school in the country.

“I wasn’t bullied, but I had plenty of friends who were. When they came to me, and I saw how it affected them and I could really understand how important it was,” McGowan said.

So, at the age of 15, she put pen to paper and drafted out the children’s book. Her mother was also an author and took her through the writing process. She made her firsts drafts and got with one of her classmates to illustrate it. Once it was finished, she brought it to the publishing company, and its release warranted attention from local newspapers and talk shows. Once it was written, she was invited out to Los Angeles to represent her book, “STOMP OUT The Bullying.”

Angel hasn’t kept up with the number of copies sold, but her middle school and elementary school purchased their share. The book is about a young boy named Mikey who becomes worried about bullies at his school. “STOMP OUT The Bullying” can be found on

McGowan’s character and personality are part of the reason she has been such a great leader for her team and the team leader in assists. She leads the team in points per game with 12.3 and is shooting nearly 40 percent from the field and 70 percent from the free throw line. She has also had to step into a leadership role as the team only has one senior. With the bulk of the season approaching, McGowan will have to lead her team well to turn around their Sun Belt record.

“As a team, we were struggling. We are starting to figure it all out, getting on the same page, and putting it all together. Once we do that consistently I think we will be alright,” McGowan said.

The Lady Eagles will continue their three-game road swing today against Texas State at 6:30 p.m.