Back to the Bars: a look at what’s trending

Meg Elwood

Back to College, Back to Bars. Its Tradition.

Going back to college brings back the most popular pass time on weekday evenings and weekend nights. Bar life. And during this past year, it’s changed incredibly.

The Plaza has been a traditional (and almost historical) area for Georgia Southern students to eat, drink, laugh, cry and have a great time with friends. But years have passed. Freshman became graduates, graduates became alumni, and the bar scene has completely changed. Rudy’s closed, Retrievers was sold, and into the picture came South City, Club 125 and Shenanigans.

So what’s left? Where will everyone be? How much cash should I plan to not see in my wallet the next morning?

All good questions! To answer them, we decided to take an anonymous poll which asked people which bar they were planning to visit most often this semester.

– The most popular bar chosen was Club 125, one of Statesboro’s newest venues which opened mid October, off-Plaza, last semester.

– The next most popular is South City. Which opened off-Plaza in the Spring Semester of 2014.

– Shenanigans takes third place as it’s extremely new and opened just this past Friday. But once being Retrievers, this on-Plaza bar may quickly jump to the top.

– Rum Runners and Tavern take the lowest placements. Very little voted for Rums and no one voted for poor little Tavern. Even “other” bars dominated these two, with Dingus MaGees taking over 90% (4 votes) of the “other” category and Big Shows taking 10% (1 vote ).

How much does an average night cost at a bar?

This is really opinion and time based. It depends on the bar. Their specials, an event, if there’s cover or not, if its a weekday or a weekend. It also depends on the person. How frugal do you want to be, how many places you want to go (or are dragged to), how high or low of a tolerance you have, etc.