“The Nutcracker” graces the Performing Arts Center for another year,

Derik Wuchte

The timeless tale of dreams and imagination will be back this weekend at Georgia Southern University. For around three to four years now, Statesboro School of Dance has taken stage at the Performing Arts Center for their performance of “The Nutcracker.” For this year again, they will be back to show why this ballet continues to touch hearts around the world.

“The Nutcracker” is a story about a young girl and her certain toymaker godfather. When her godfather gives her a nutcracker as a Christmas gift, something happens to it and the nutcracker is suddenly broken. The girl is saddened by this, but she can’t do anything to fix it. She can only go to sleep with a heavy heart.

When she suddenly awakens at the dawn of midnight, she finds herself in the middle of an unbelievable battle between her Nutcracker, his army and the opposing Mouse King’s army. The rest is as memorable as a Christmas melody.

Statesboro School of Dance is responsible for the presentation and they do not disappoint. Professional costumes and set pieces are rented specifically for the event. Shay Morgan, the owner of SSOD, is the choreographer and director of the show. With her advanced class taking the lead, the show intends to be promising once again this year.

“It’s a really fun event,” Juanita Smith, Box Office Manager at the PAC, said. “Since it’s Statesboro School of Dance, a lot of people from surrounding communities are involved. They do a pretty big production.”

House Manager at the PAC, Stacie McDaniel, has seen the show before, and she knows what to expect. “The Nutcracker,” that the school puts on, holds nothing back, and it’s especially inviting to newcomers.

“If you’re going to see ballet for the first time, ‘The Nutcracker’ is the one you want to see,” McDaniel said. “It’s like ballet with training wheels. It’s very familiar.”

With the show being right before finals, it can be a stress reliever for students. No words are spoken as the ballet is artistically performed by Morgan’s pupils. As Smith explained, the audience can interpret the show as they like. That’s part of what makes ballet so celebrated: the on-goers decide how the messages in the show should be translated.

“To someone who has never been to a ballet, go for the experience,” Smith said. “Expect to bring a piece of yourself. You never know what kind of art or theatre will speak to you.”

“The Nutcracker” will be taking place at the PAC on Dec 6. There will be two performances, one at 2:30 p.m. and another at 6:00 p.m. Pricing will be $8 for youth and $12 for adults.