Gift guide for the fun and frugal

Meg Elwood

Ahh, Christmas time. Evan William’s eggnog is back in season and binge-watching Netflix is officially the number one way to procrastinate for final exams. It’s also the gift-giving season, a time for you to show friends and family that you really do love them and that you really haven’t been avoiding them by being trapped in the library studying or watching Netflix.

So, want something to make people go “Wow!” without emptying your savings account? Check out this cheap, sweet and simple gift guide and get inspired.

1. Redneck Wine Glasses

These are super simple, cheap and an awesome group gift! Just buy mason jars and candle stick holders from the dollar store and attach with a bit of epoxy glue (found in any hardware store for about $4) and you’re all set to drink away. Customize with monograms or Greek letters for an even cooler gift.

2. Beer Box Coasters

Got old beer boxes? Tired of rings on your table after a night of drinking? Guess what, you can make awesome coasters with your favorite beer brands on them. All you need is a small pack of 4×4 tiles from a local hardware store, hot glue, felt and Mod Podge from Hobby Lobby or Walmart and some empty six pack boxes of your favorite beer (good excuse to go buy some, right?). Cut out a section of the box and felt to the size of the tile, hot glue the section to the top of the tile and the felt on the bottom, Mod Podge the beer design to make it water-proof and there you go.

3. Custom Mugs

Buy a white ceramic mug of your choice and some Sharpies (or any other permanent marker) from Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Hobby Lobby usually has great coupons around this time of year. Then, let your creativity go to work. You could do a monogram, Greek Letters or an awesome design. Metallic sharpies are really cool for this kind of thing, too.

4. Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Fantastic in price, enjoyability and great for group gifting. Buy a box of clear ornaments from Hobby Lobby, and for the filling, buy any instant hot chocolate mix, candy cane bits and even some mini marshmallows if you can find them small enough. Pour the hot chocolate mix in the ornament first and then make some sweet art by layering up the candy cane bits and marshmallows. To add a festive touch, put a little bow on that baby and you’re all set to spread some tasty cheer.

5. Instagram or YikYak Magnets

Give the gift of adding a bit of personality to a fridge or whiteboard by making magnets for them. Buy some magnet printer paper from Walmart or any office supply store. Go into a word processor and place your favorite Instagram pictures or that crude, but hilarious, YikYak quote in the document, print them high quality, cut them out nicely and ta-da! You’ve created an easy, memorable gift for anyone.

6. Chocolate Turtles:

Food. It’s the most widely accepted gift in the history of man, especially when it has chocolate in it and you’re giving it to poor college students. This sweet and savory treat is easy to make and is great if you love to cook, check for an awesome recipe.