Techies unite: Geekend takes over Savannah

Derik Wuchte

When the most creative technological minds around gather for a conference, you get Geekend, a weekend dedicated to the tech and creative industries held in Savannah.

“This weekend marks Geekend’s fifth annual conference in Savannah.  this Nov. 13-15. The nation’s most brilliant designers, coders and innovators will be present to show how far the technology world has developed and where it is heading in the future.

Presented by The Creative Coast, Geekend will be a busy weekend for everyone who chooses to attend. Speakers from around the country will be discussing the newest ideas and will be hosting by a number of events to spice things up.

With the opportunity to hear from pioneers in the technology world, attendants will be able to learn about the hottest technological ideas as well as expand their creative horizons.

“Savannah is always a hotbed of creativity, collaboration, idea-sharing, debate and deal-making. For three days in November, we get to do it on the stage,” Bea Wray, executive director of The Creative Coast, said in a press release.

A few of the topics that will be discussed:

– “Economic Architecture: Why and How You Should Build a Hacker/Maker/Co-Work Space”: Discussion about how you can create your own startup community.

– “Give Your Idea Wings: A Primer in Custom Designer Toy Making”: Discussion on turning your idea into a marketable product

– “Oh No, You Have to Scale!”: Discussion on scaling and optimizing your applications

Keynote speakers

In addition to the many experts attending Geekend, keynote speakers from around the country will also be taking the stage.

“These industry leaders will initiate dialogue that is more substance than fluff and will ignite action over theory,” Wray said in a press release.

Some of these keynote speakers include:

– Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Neil Gershenfeld

– TechShop CEO Mark Hatch

– True Ventures Partner John Burke

– Contagious Creativity CEO Megan Gaiser

– Co-Directors of OhHeckYeah, Brian Corrigan and Justin Gitlin


A main attraction of Geekend will be KodeStars Arcade. This arcade will showcase video games that were created by middle and high school students. The games will be free to play and open to the the public. The goal is to give people an opportunity to sample what the students have created.

“KodeStars encourages kids to use their creativity through original content creation and experimentation with introductory programming tools,” Yvonne Jouffrault, The Creative Coast board member and one of the organizers of KodeStars, said in a press release.


Indie-pop sensation Kishi Bashi and the folk performer, Tall Tall Trees, will hold musical shows on Saturday night. Other performers will take place the nights before but these two will be the key acts.

As Kayne Lanahan, founder of MusicFile Productions, expressed in a press release, when the Geekend musical list was being formulated, Kishi Bashi was immediately placed at the top of their minds.

“[Kishi Bashi] is the embodiment of everything Geekend stands for, taking an instrument as ancient as the violin and using technology and artistic expression to create music that is wholly new, modern, connected and insanely fun,” Lanahan said.