Broadway’s H1t Musical will be taking the stage by storm at the PAC

Derik Wuchte

Broadway’s Next H!t Musical will hit Georgia Southern soon when a group of masterful improvisers take the stage at the Performing Arts Center for a one-time-only show.

The improvisers will be creating an awards show where they will take song suggestions from the audience and then create a show based on what the audience gives them.

“This is very different than anything we’ve done in the past,” Juanita Smith, box office manager at the PAC, said. “It’s unscripted. It’s all based on audience suspensions. It’s [the improvisers] thinking on their feet. The unexpected is always fun.”

What sets Broadway’s “Next H!t Musical” apart from other shows is that expert improvisers have taken steps to make the show something really special. They have done their research on Statesboro to learn more about the local scene. When they are performing, the crowd can expect to hear and see relevant references to their hometown.

“They’ll tailor the show to the audience,” Smith said. “The cool thing is that no one has seen it before. We’re only having them here for one night.”

For people who enjoy musicals and shows, but don’t want to have another normal experience, “Broadway” is here to change things up. “It’s a completely different energy. Anything can happen,” Smith said. The art of improvised comedy is to be real. By implementing the audience in various ways, “Broadway” will achieve that.

“You’re actually engaged with the actors. It’s like you’re part of the show. It’s kind of like a, ‘choose your own adventure’ story. That’s what you get with this. It’s always what the audience members want.”pull quote

The PAC puts on events like “Broadway” so they can introduce students to things they cannot find locally.

“We really want students to take advantage of the shows the PAC puts on,” Smith said. “If you’re going to pay $15 to see a movie with Seth Rogen, why not pay $10 to see a show at the PAC?”

The show will run for 85 minutes with no intermission so there will bea lot of energy

“It’s the kind of show people want to see,” Smith said.

“Broadway’s Next H!t Musical” will take place on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the PAC. Admission is $10 for GSU students, $21 for GSU faculty/staff and $24 for patrons.