Face to face with zombie survivors

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Meg Elwood

It was a beautiful sunny day with a brisk breeze in the air, a perfect morning to act as the test subject to science’s new speedy zombie breeds. Luckily, they were only after the small flags around the test subject’s waists and not their brains.

Of course, I’m talking about the Rural Health Research Institute’s “Zombie Fun-Run” that was held this past saturday morning at the RAC.

The event was held after the traditional 5K run earlier that morning and was a one mile obstacle run around the RAC which had zombies lurking at every corner. Perfect for kids of all ages, like newbie event runner Andrew Acs.

“I love zombies. I love obstacle courses, and it just seems like a great way to spend a morning. It seems like it’s more for small kids, but you’ve gotta bring out the inner child,” Acs said.

The entire event was complete with having zombies in bushes, reaching from behind fences and pulling themselves along the ground after the runner, and there was even a Georgia State zombie. Yellow caution tape guided runners throughout the mile track to the safe-zone, which was setup to look like a military base. It was even guarded by volunteer ROTC members, to further the experience’s realism.

After the flag-pulling, mile-running and calorie burning, runners gave tons of positive feedback on the Fun Run to the volunteers and organizers of the event.

We checked back with Acs after the race and he said, “I really hope that zombies can’t run when the apocalypse comes around, but we’d definitely do this race again and would recommend it to anyone.”

Even the zombies had a great time chasing down the willing runners. Ogeechee Tech students that came to get volunteer hours said that it was a great way to do so and would actually like to try being the ones running instead next year.

Dr. Bryant Smalley, the executive director of the Rural Health Research Institute of GSU said, “We had a great turnout, it was over 100 participants in both of today’s races, which really sets the stage for years to come.” Smalley also said that the institute plans on making the Fun Run and the 5K annual events.

“We’re really happy that we were able to get together with many of the health related partners of Bulloch County to host such an event. It’s great to see people coming together to work towards giving the community a fun way to benefit their health, both young and old,” Smalley said