STUDENTS REACT: Social distancing in Statesboro

Alexis Hampton

STATESBORO — COVID-19 has officially hit Statesboro, and Mayor Jonathan McCollar says that there is no need to panic.

Social distancing is still being encouraged, and guidelines have now been extended to April 30 as we are projected to hit our peak death rate in two weeks.

With the spread of the virus rapidly increasing, how seriously are people taking social distancing, specifically Georgia Southern students?

Alyssa Windsor, a student, tweeted on March 30 that she had seen some people in Statesboro gathering at Hendley properties pool in large numbers for a slip and slide.

Hendley Properties has since responded to the tweet saying that they have shut down the pools.

Students’ thoughts:

Ayah Favors, a writing and linguistics major, is struggling with social distancing but is willing to do what she must to protect herself and others.

“I think it’s awful that people are threatening both their health and the health of others so they can have fun,” Favors said. “If I can stay in, so can they. They’re only prolonging the quarantine.”

Manuel Abadie, a mechanical engineering major, is okay with social distancing but has grown tired of the same daily routine.

“So many people are trying to keep this whole situation in check while those [people] don’t even care that there is a case in Statesboro already,” said Abadie.

Michael McFarland, an economics and international studies double major, doesn’t like social distancing because of how lonely it is, but he appreciates the time that it’s given him to focus on the more important things in life like school, his health and his future.

“We’re going to be dealing with COVID-19 for a minute with idiots like that,” McFarland said.

Other students expressed that they were angry and annoyed after seeing the tweet, and it was irresponsible for those people to be out at a time like this.

Students on handling social distancing:

Kiara Rayford, psychology major, is annoyed at the lack of social distancing and thinks it’s not smart to ignore the guidelines.

“It’s very boring, but it has given me a lot of time to do things that I couldn’t have done otherwise,” said Rayford.

Timothy Edwards, an exercise science major, understands the need to go outside during this time, as long as it’s kept to a minimum.

“I’m doing okay, but then again I have one of my friends with me, so we’re making it together,” Edwards said.

Johnathan Frady, an anthropology major, feels that it is irresponsible for people to partake in activities that disregard social distancing during this time.

“I’m feeling isolated and missing my friends,” Frady said. 

Alexis Hampton, The George-Anne News Editor,