Live fashionably and go green

Braley Garland

Renew Merchandise’s new brand One More Time is helping reduce the carbon footprint of Georgia Southern University in a fashionable way by turning plastic bottles into yarn and then turning that yarn into licensed apparel.

Renew Merchandise is a new company that has partnered with GSU’s College of Business and the Center for Sustainability to start creating GSU licensed apparel from recycled plastic bottles. Renew Merchandise uses a five step process to make clothing from plastic bottles.

Renew Merchandise’s president, J.T. Marburger, is a GSU alumnae and is very excited to have his alma mater as a part of his client list. Other notable clients of Renew include Ford, McDonald’s and even MLB teams including the Atlanta Braves.

Partnering with the school will bring not only new recycled merchandise but will also bring new internship and job opportunities to the campus. Many areas of the College of Business will be involved throughout the entire process from branding to marketing.

GSU has been a top green university according to The Princeton Review for the past four years. This is a great achievement for the Center for Sustainability and the GSU community as a whole.

“We’re one of the top universities in the country for sustainability. This will help that even more. This takes us to a whole new level. It’ll be a model for other universities,” College of Business Professor Jim Randall said in an article for WJCL.

Renew Merchandise is just one of the ways to becoming greener on campus. Two dorms on campus, Centennial Place and Freedom’s Landing, are offering ways for their residents to get into recycling by creating an incentive program. Each hall will have the chance to fill up recycling containers to earn rewards from the Center for Sustainability.

GSU has many opportunities for students to learn about going green with the Center of Sustainability showing students easy ways to reduce their carbon footprint, lecture series and No Impact Week in the spring.

One More Time is still in its developing phases but merchandise will soon be available to all who want to live fashionably and green.

GRAPHIC: I thought we could do a breakout box about where you can find info about One More Time and about the center for sustainability.