Think Before You Share

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  • Kristina Agbebiyi

Kristina Agbebiyi

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the recent leak of celebrity nudes. It’s been all over twitter, TMZ, Facebook, etc. I’ve seen many articles on how to prevent similar situations from happening. Learning more about the iCloud, not sending nudes with your face, locking your phone, have all been popular phrases throughout recent weeks. I’m sure the victims of picture leaks now know what they should do in the future, which is why this article is not directed towards them.

This article is for anyone who thinks that it is the slightest bit acceptable to share unflattering, or embarrassing pictures of classmates online. Most people in college are semi-logical and are able to understand that people can be hurt by the things they spread online. They are able to comprehend that if they were in a similar situation, they would not want their pictures shared. They are able to understand that sharing pictures of fellow classmates puts themselves, and their school, in an unflattering light. So why do people do it?

It stems from people’s lack of empathy. They believe that if something doesn’t affect them directly, it doesn’t matter. It’s better to retweet a picture on Twitter to have a laugh, than to put themselves in other’s shoes. It’s better to gain notoriety on a social media site, than to have some decency. It’s better to impress your followers and friends, than to treat others with respect. It’s disgusting, sad and disheartening. It’s scary. These are our fellow classmates and peers, and they are ready to rip people to shreds at whatever chance they get!

Take a good look around. Is this how we want to represent the Eagle Nation? Is this how we want to treat our peers? If so, then maybe Georgia Southern isn’t the place for you. However, I will not tolerate this. I am tired of being silent while I watch social media become a place full of toxicity. Hopefully other students feel the same way. Let’s not forget our morals and our values. Let’s start treating others with respect.