What do you think about the tobacco ban?

Macy Holloway


“I don’t see the problem with tobacco just as long as it’s not in the building. They should have to designate areas so that it seems controlled, so I don’t really understand why they’re taking it away,”Sydney Busby, freshman sociology major, said.


“It does not bother me because I don’t smoke. I have family that smokes so walking behind somebody never really bothers me,” Nic Woods, junior construction major, said.


“I personally agree with it to an extent. I feel like there should be areas where it is allowed but as far as walking down the main part of campus, I’m one of those people who the smell of it will even give me a headache, so I support it,” Avery Barrett, junior marketing and sales management major, said.


“Well, I like the fact that there’s no smoking because I don’t like the smell and everything but I think that there’s going to be a mess since there won’t be anywhere to put them, so I think that may become an even bigger problem,” Jessica Barnwell, junior early childhood education major, said.