Are we too ‘Drunk in Love’ with Beyoncé?

Jeff Licciardello

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and I was doing what every other college student does on a marvelous day — sitting at my desk and opening endless tabs of Buzzfeed articles. As I command-clicked my way down the page, I noticed something odd: every other article had something to do with Beyoncé. Everywhere I looked, the pop star was there. It truly made me wonder if this was a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some Beyoncé just as much as the average person. However, I refuse to start sipping on the watermelon that is making everybody obsessed with the pop star. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has been destroying the charts since we were told to say her name, but what’s with the sudden change?

Beyoncé released her self-titled album back in December, and the public had a feeding frenzy. Personally, I didn’t really buy into this because Beyoncé has just never been my favorite artist and I was shunned as a “non-believer.” You know what I had to say about that? K.

Just the other day, I was involved in a heated discussion with a friend over this blind Sasha Fierce fascination. The points I made were simple. Is Beyoncé talented? Yes. Does she have a killer body? Yes. Is she a strong, independent woman who can do bad all by herself? Of course, yes. Does that mean I go home every night to my Beyoncé shrine and pray that the ruler will grace me with some of her magic powers? Nope.

My friend, who began to pull her hair out, told me, “Jeff, you are just a little worker bee in the B hive. We are all worker bees working for the queen B— Beyoncé.” Myself, being the stubborn person I am, brought this argument to my other friends and received similar responses.

Never in my life had I actually encountered a pop-star obsession this widely accepted. Sure, I have some friends who will sell their souls for One Direction, and I myself would give everything I have for some Lana Del Rey tickets, but I don’t pray to the “Coney Island Queen” before I go to bed every night.

All I ask from the student body is to not sell your Beyoncé paraphernalia on eBay in shame, but for lack of a better phrase: check yourself before you wreck yourself. We all have our obsessions, but let’s make sure these are healthy ones and not ones that make your friends think you’re crazy.

Jeff Licciardello is a freshman pre-multimedia journalism major from Kennesaw. He is the Reflector Deputy-Editor at Student Media.