Step into step: An look inside the RAC’s new Step and Sculpt class

Ashton Christianson

Georgia Southern University’s Recreation Activity Center offers many group fitness classes already, but a new class, Step and Sculpt, was added for members to enjoy on Thursday nights.

The instructor, Joiya Reed, said that the class offers a full body workout in a fun way.  The class offers two different types of workouts in one class so that people can get the most out of their workout.

“I think the big difference with Step and Sculpt than other classes that we offer is that it’s choreographed to some extent, and then it’s like a combination of two modalities, so you’re getting that aerobics but you’re also getting weight lifting element as a part of it, so it’s kind of combining two workouts into one,” Reed said.

Reed became an instructor after training over the summer and started teaching the new step aerobics class in the fall. The class then became a step and sculpt class by adding together choreography and weight training, Reed said.

“This is going to sound really bias, but it’s a lot of fun, and I think the good thing about step is it gives students a different kind of workout than the norm,” Reed said. “Because when people think of step aerobics they think of jazzercise, leg warmers and a very tight leotard, but it’s like its a fun workout that you don’t realize you’re working out till later on in the class and you’re sweating.”

Joiya Reed is the instructor of the new Step and Sculpt class. Photo by Ashton Christianson.

Many different moves and workout techniques were used in combination with upbeat music to help keep the students motivated throughout their workout. Throughout the class you could see many of the students smiling while they focused on their different workout sets.

“You know how you feel when you workout, you’re like ‘I feel good and energized,’ I feel good,” Lauren Chaves said. “ I feel like I was worked out but I still feel, like, not dead.”

Lauren Kiskunes said she thought that it was one of the best workouts she has ever had. Kiskunes is also an intern at the University Wellness Program and has taken other group fitness classes like cycling.

The Step and Sculpt class is offered once a week on Thursdays starting at 7:05 p.m. and lasts for about an hour.