Your View April 23

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Connor White

“Yeah, I’m very honest, and I think it helps some teachers who genuinely care about their students’ perspectives about the class, but of course you’ll have those teachers who are stuck in their ways, and aren’t gonna change according to what the students suggest. If I could change something, I would make the more questions more personalized.” Jade Waterman, senior sociology major

“Yes, I’d say I either grade really high, or really poorly, which isn’t often, but if a teacher didn’t do a good job in his/her roles of instructing, then I’ll be as honest as I can. I don’t want to claim all the teachers don’t care, since that wouldn’t be fair, but there are some teachers that I wonder if they even look at the evaluations. If everyone just manned up and told the teachers what they could change, then we could probably get rid of the entire system.” Michael Ackerman, senior mathematics major

“If I like the professor, then I’m gonna avoid the negatives as much, but if I don’t, then I’ll totally grill you about them. I think it depends, because you have some teachers that care about their students, so I think that they take them into account in trying to do better. Now, the professors who are just there for a paycheck, they definitely just ignore the evaluations.” Carly Dye, freshman nursing major

“Yeah. I mean, I leave enough so they know my opinion at least. I think they all read them and think about it, but I’m not sure how much they try to change according to the responses. If I could change something, I would remove the question about what grade you think you’re going to get. Because a lot of people are just gonna be like ‘yeah, I was trying to get an A!’ No one says they were hoping for a D.” Molly Schaffer, sophomore international studies major

Yeah, I’m honest. I try to be, because what else is it good for if you’re not telling the truth? I don’t want to blow smoke up someone’s butt. And I would hope they all use it, you know, if they’re going through the formality of it all, especially since it’s during class time. I think the system works as it is, especially with someone else actually administering the evaluations. It’s not a perfect system, but it works.” Sean Gilfillan, junior psychology major

“Yeah, I’m honest, but there’s bound to be students who aren’t. I mean, it could be several different reasons. There have been classes when I’ve not been honest, because I just didn’t care enough, but it might also have something to do with the professor and how they might grade them. If I could change something, I feel like once they’re actually evaluated, their superiors should go over them with the professor and decide if anything should be changed.” Jeffrey Burns, junior business management major

“I think they’re important to get the student’s view, because you have to have some way that students can anonymously give their opinions about teachers. Some students don’t take it as seriously as others; some people just bubble in random answers, or write down the wrong CRN. Some people even draw pictures. And another thing, is that the college chairs definitely need to take them seriously, and not just set them aside for when they want to.” Cliff Padgett, junior logistics marketing major

Photos by: Brandon Warnock