Leo at the Oscars

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  • Courtney Escher

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Courtney Escher

This past Sunday, ABC aired the 86th annual Academy Awards honoring yet another year of filmmaking. Among the nominees was one of America’s favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Internet loves Leo just about as much as it loves Jennifer Lawrence acting weird and anonymously making fun of Justin Beiber’s bad decisions. And poor Internet was absolutely crushed when Leo once again lost out on an Oscar — even worse to Matthew McConaghey (alright, alright, alright).

Leo was nominated for his work in Martin Scorsese’s recent biopic, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” about Wall Street multi-billionaire, Jordan Belfort. While critics have stated that this was one of Leo’s best performances to date, I can’t help but agree with the Academy’s decision to award McConaghey.

Looking at the two performers is far more difficult than apples and oranges. We all know McConaghey as the king of the Rom-Coms who can’t quite grasp the idea of wearing a shirt. But over the years McConaghey has shown an insane amount of range, an example being “The Lincoln Lawyer,” or any other time McConaghey has played a lawyer. Meanwhile Leo has been known for being an extraordinarily gifted actor since he was 17, and he gained his first Oscar nomination for his role in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” He has since aged like a fine wine and has been recognized for his roles in “Catch Me If You Can,” “The Aviator,” “Blood Diamond,” “The Departed” and “Django Unchained.”

Leo has racked up a lot more recognition than the Internet realizes with two Golden Globes for “The Aviator” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” and five Oscar nominations. He has also won 40 other awards for all of his fantastic performances as well.

McConaghey, on the other hand, is a complete first timer to awards recognition. His role in “Dallas Buyers Club” earned him his first nomination and win for both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.  His transformation for his role was astounding, and McConaghey deserved those awards.

Granted, Leo deserves an Oscar too, someday.  But I have a theory.

Leo is too good, and everyone already knows it. We’ve all known for years that Leo is the second coming of Lawrence Olivier, even Leo himself. Yet the Academy hates him because he takes himself so seriously. So here is my prediction: If Leo doesn’t win an Oscar within the time frame of his next 3 projects, not only will the Internet implode, but Leo may even pull a Joaquin Phoenix and go a little lack-of-awards crazy.

So suck it up Internet, Leo may never get to cuddle up to that gorgeous golden man, that is, until the Academy finally gives him everything he’s ever dreamed of: a lifetime achievement Oscar on his 80th birthday.