Track and field prepares for championship weekend

Derik Wuchte

This weekend will mark the women’s 27th annual Indoor Track & Field Championship. It has been on the minds of the players all year long. And it has been on Head Coach Marlo Mincey’s as well.

In a recent interview, Mincey shared some of her thoughts on what the championship will be like for Georgia Southern University this year.

Well-rounded was among the first things Mincey mentioned with regards to last year’s team. The Eagles finished in fifth place in the 2013 Women’s Indoor Track & Field Championship.

“This year, we’re going to make sure that we’re scoring and in a lot of different areas that we don’t traditionally score in,” Mincey said. “And some of them that we have traditionally scored in the past are going to be improved on, so that’s what we’re focusing on this year and that’s how I see us moving up.”

Some events in the past the Eagles have not capitalized on scoring like they would have wanted. As Mincey said, particular events that exceed 400 meters are something the Eagles need to grow and evolve into.

Being competitive in events like these is especially important this year. With some other aspects, such as the emphasis on field, the team is feeling confident in scoring as a whole, Mincey said.

“We’re going to have some competitive throwers here in the meet this year and that’s something that we’re going to ask those ladies to contribute, and it’s going to make a difference,” Mincey said.

The team has been preparing exactly as they should for a meet like this.

Focusing on what the Eagles do best, Mincey explained the race plans the team sets forth at the beginning of the year. They are part of developing the Eagles to being a more complete team throughout the year. Ensuring to follow, execute and perfect the plans as the team takes on the season has been a vital part in working towards the championship.

“We’re expecting student-athletes in the long jump, and in the 60 and the 200. They’re definitely going to have to be very competitive and show up, and have big meets. And it’s not anything new. It’s something we’ve always asked of them. And it’s something that we’re going to continue to ask.” Mincey said.

Mincey described the importance of the supporting cast. She said the Eagles may not be ranked number one in the conference, but the hopes for them are very high.

“I really feel like, in terms of championships, we’re ready. In terms of going into indoor championships, we’re prepared. You know, there’s always things that you can do better, but for indoor championships, I think, we’re prepared.” Mincey said.

The Southern Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships will be at Winston-Salem, N.C. on March 1-2. It will be taking place at the JDL Fast Track.