Checker’s returns to Statesboro

Davis Cobb

STATESBORO – After closing down in 2017, fast food restaurant Checker’s is making plans to return to Statesboro in 2020. Taking over the property next to KFC on Northside Drive, construction on the business is currently underway.

Having been in their previous location for more than twenty years, Checker’s was forced to close down due to a leasing issue. However, the company has been working ever since to find a way to return to town.

“When they closed down to begin with, they were diligently working to find an alternate location to construct,” Assistant City Manager Jason Boyles said. “They didn’t want to leave the market.”

The property where the new restaurant is being constructed will also be developed for another business to open up as well, according to City Planner Owen Dundee.

Currently, there are no plans for what business will move in, but the developer for Checker’s will implement basic utilities into the property for any companies that decide to open up shop.

Checker’s on Northside is currently under construction, with no news as to when it will be completed, but the location is currently hiring.

Davis Cobb, The George-Anne news reporter,