BRIEF: Aquaponics research facility brings produce to the Southern Cafe

Ashton Christianson

SAVANNAH — The GS Armstrong campus partnered with an aquaponics research facility to bring sustainable food to their students at the Southern Cafe.

Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center has started a farm-to-table partnership with the Armstrong campus according to a press release. While the dining commons on the Armstrong campus has already been using some of the aquaponic produce, the partnership will have Southern Cafe using it as a main focus.

Aquaponic farming uses fish to help create a more sustainable cycle of farming. According to the press release, SARC curator Brigette Brinton said that this helps to cut down on emissions.

The Southern Cafe will be focusing on teaching, research, community engagement and sustainability with this partnership, according to the press release. They will also offer a variety of classic foods such as Brunswick stew and chicken pot pie.

Ashton Christianson, The George-Anne News Reporter,