Putting the lid on Pickle Barrel

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Caitlyn Oliver

The return from winter break brought the discovery of a now-barren room that was once the Pickle Barrel, which was closed after discussion over the fall 2013 semester.

“We didn’t want to close it. Students enjoy the option but it was more efficient to relocate since the Marketplace at Centennial gives almost the same products,” Michael Murphy, marketing coordinator for In the 11 months from July 2012 to June 2013, the Pickle Barrel brought in total revenue of $315,750.64. From July 2013 to December 2013 the produce vendor garnered $29,227.58, according to an open records request.

That boils down to a decrease in average monthly revenue from $28,704.60 to $4,871.26.

“There have been changes with a lot of places, like the new hours for Coldstone and Einstein Bagels. The dining plan is good for the underclassmen but a lot of the upperclassmen liked having a place to get a quick, cheap snack,” Khrysta Robinson, senior public relations major, said.

Scantrons will now be available in The Market at Centennial Place, as well as the new vending machines. The idea is a one-stop-shop-style store, Murphy said.

There’s always a big push for more conference areas in Russell Union so this location will be a vending style location. Seating is being added and there will be digital panels and access to electrical outlets so that students can still use that area and enjoy the convenience, Jessica O’Neill, director of marketing for Auxiliary Services, said.

There has not been a decision as to what will replace the Pickle Barrel sign in the Russell Union.