New Comm Arts building to bring majors together

Casey Cargle

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Editor’s note: The following article has been edited due to inaccuracies. Sanford Hall was erroneously referred to as “Samford” Hall. The George-Anne regrets this error.

The Communication Arts building is moving to Sanford Hall on Sweet Heart Circle and aims to bring students with similar majors together while serving their technology needs.

The newly renovated building will be filled with new, high-tech equipment bringing the communications department to a whole new level.  There are all kinds of high-tech cameras, projectors and computers that will be put throughout the building to help students in every way possible.

Within three years they plan to have robotic cameras that will automate the surveillance system.

“It is going to be a contemporary edge to a traditional building. It’s contemporary with that nod to the past,” Pam Bourland-Davis, chair of the Department of Communication Arts, said.

Sanford Hall was first built in 1937 and originally served as a dormitory.  The hall was originally built with wood floors, making it easy for renovators to tear up the inside but made pouring concrete a little tricky.

The channel nine news team will operate out of the brand new news studio as well as the radio station.  Both studios will have large glass walls for spectators and producers to look on as broadcasts are being completed.  The studios will both be geared up with up-to-date technology and all new LED lights with computer control.

One of the concepts that were in mind when creating the new communications building was bringing the college together.  Currently, the broadcast studio is in one building and the radio station is in another.

A main goal of the project is to bring multiple students within CLASS together because most of the students working in their productions share the same majors.

Bourland-Davis said, “That synergy where different groups will be able to work together on a lot of good, creative concepts will help everyone.”