S.A.M. aims to educate on modern slavery

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  • Photo by: Ryan Woodham

Caitlyn Oliver

Beginning today in the rotunda at 10 a.m. and continuing until 2 p.m., the Student Abolitionist Movement (S.A.M.) is hosting this year’s Consciousness Rising event to raise awareness about modern slavery and human trafficking.

Roughly 50 volunteers have come together to teach students about human trafficking and create discussions that will increase knowledge of modern slavery and involvement to end its occurrence.

These volunteers are available to share knowledge and facts, such as Hershey’s chocolate being produced in areas that utilize slave labor.

“I was drawn over to check it out since it’s outside. I think it’s a good cause to support. I’ve heard of a similar group on another college campus. There are a lot of passionate people and it really is a big problem,” Quiana Tulloch, sophomore mechanical engineering major, said.

The event gives students a chance to take home free Fair Trade chocolate and there will be t-shirts on sale for $10. There are several examples of what products are produced through forced labor and what products are available free from coerced work.

The event serves to teach Georgia Southern University students how they can get involved and what kind of products to buy and avoid that make a difference. The goal is to show how close to home the issue really is.

“Human trafficking affects all human beings because it occurs in about eighty percent of countries all over the world, including the United States. We need to realize it’s another human and they need our help,” Zach McGalliard, second year graduate student, said. “Students think they can’t do anything about it but we want them to realize anyone can get involved and make a difference.”