Fishnets and heels take over the Averitt

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  • Averitt Center for the Arts cast members take a bow. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is an American cult classic that is famous for its audience’s participation in the performance.Photo by: Drew Heimlich

Matt Sowell

Condoms floated through the air at last night’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” while virgins and veterans alike packed into the Emma Kelly Theatre with high hopes and low-cut shirts.

“I expected lots of underwear, men in high heels and fishnet stockings,” Chandler Brannen, sophomore public relations major and Rocky Horror virgin, said.

The night started off with a pre-show featuring DJ’s Ian Grover and Iansane. Shortly following that were the virgin sacrifices. This year featured an array of fake orgasm noises and embarrassing tasks.

Following the virgin sacrifices, the show got a sensual and exciting start with “Science Fiction Double Feature” and the Trixies danced around the stage as the trade-mark lips sang the show’s opening tune.

Marschel Kemper portrayed a fierce and sexy gender-swapped version of The Criminologist, the show’s narrator. Audience members yelled “asshole” and “slut” at the top of their lungs as The Criminologist introduced the show’s main characters that everyone loves to hate; Brad and Janet.

Virgins laughed as Rocky Horror veterans covered their heads with newspaper during “Over at the Frankenstein Place,” the song in which Brad and Janet wander aimlessly through a storm to find shelter after getting a flat tire.

The next highlight was “The Time Warp“; the show’s big dance number that involves the entire audience.

Frank-N-Furter, portrayed by Charlie Bowen, made an entrance during “Sweet Transvestite,” where he strutted and lip-synced.

Snapping gloves echoed through the theatre during the laboratory scene, where Frank’s creation Rocky, portrayed by Adam Pittman, was created.

Caitlen Schechuk portrayed Janet Weiss; the highlight was when she was caressed by Rocky during “Toucha Toucha Touch Me.”

The plot thickened as the characters sat down for an unforgettable dinner, audience members sported birthday hats and noisemakers.

The show really reached a highpoint during “The Floor Show,” the raunchy climax in which the entire cast sports lingerie and heels while strutting around the stage singing how their encounter with Frank has changed their life.

Finally, virgins sat dazed and confused when the show took an unexpected turn during the twist ending.

“My favorite part was the Time Warp,” Brannen said. “The most outrageous part was when the really tall guy put the condom on the banana. That was quick, respect for him.”

The show was a raunchy and outrageous night that will linger in the memories of those who visited.