How to Survive Group Projects in College

Jenna Wiley

Some people may think that once you graduate highschool and start college you may be able to get away from group projects. As soon as a professor announces that there will be a group project, it’s always best to get prepared on how to make it through one. 


This tip may be common sense to most, but it is often where problems arise among students. There are endless ways to make a group chat with your partners for easy communication, and it’s never a bad idea to meet up outside of class to work together. 


It is important to have a head-strong member in the group. No one likes someone who is a control freak or demands things from others, but if no one steps up to lead, you could be stuck with no direction and no clue of what others are doing. 

Work outside the classroom 

It’s not unlikely that a professor will dedicate in-class time to a group project, but it’s better to not depend on that chance. Doing extra prep outside of normal class time can give you an advantage in the long run. Once you finish a section you’ve been working on, go ahead and start the next one to get ahead. 


Setting deadlines is important in any school assignments, and group projects are no exception. Group and individual deadlines are essential for projects in order to hold you and others accountable. 


The people who don’t pull their weight in projects don’t change when college starts. If someone in your group isn’t doing their fair share, it may be a smart idea to confront them about it. If their work ethic doesn’t change, consider talking to other group members about it or even the professor. No one likes a freeloader, so make sure you aren’t that person in the group either. 


Group projects can be an easy A or they can be a GPA killer in college. It’s important to be assertive and not afraid to speak your mind