Luke Bryan to crash Statesboro’s party

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Alexandra McCray

Luke Bryan will be making Statesboro his first stop on his fifth annual Farm Tour tomorrow night at Perry’s Field.

Tickets will be available for $35 until the day of the concert. Day-of tickets will increase to $40 a piece.

“We’ll be up here [Rum Runners/Plantation Room] every day from 2-5 p.m., selling tickets and also our open hours we’ll be selling them. We’ll have people on campus, like Greeks, at their sorority and fraternity houses will be selling them up until Tuesday,” Deven Bradford, Rum Runners/Plantation Room general manager, said.

The concert will be at Perry’s Field in Claxton. Guests will be able to start parking and tailgating at 2 p.m. and doors will open at 7 p.m.

“Claxton is my hometown, so it’s just kind of like a thing that comes to town that everybody goes to. Me and my girlfriend and a bunch of buddies from high school are going this year. And when we go we always see a lot of people from Southern and back home,” John Kemp, sophomore civil engineering major at GSU, said.

Chanice Neal, Cole Swindell and the song writing team, the Peach Pickers, which consists of Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip will accompany Luke Bryan on this year’s tour.

Bryan started his Farm Tour five years ago to raise money for scholarships of children of farmers in the college towns where his tour stops. In 2012 the Farm Tour attendance doubled that of previous years, and Bryan performed in front of 100,000 fans.

The tour includes eight stops over the course of two weeks. Five stops are in Georgia, Bryan’s home state. Bryan and songwriter Ben Hayslip are GSU alumni.

“A lot of people say that they don’t like that it’s in the middle of the week, and around this time of the semester it’s pretty stressful and it’s a good chance to go out with some buddies and have a good time,” Connor Kasten, junior economics major at GSU said.

Kasten said, “When you graduate you don’t get the opportunities to go out with you closest friends to go and party with your friends, dance around and just listen to good music. Take advantage of it while you’re in college.”