‘Boro Bucket List: Go out and make one

Lilly McCann

There is a time and place for everything – college – and we only have four years, maybe five.

We’re all familiar with the infamous “Bucket List.” We’ve made them for everything or nonchalantly said, “It’s on my bucket list,” but really how many of us actually have one, or better yet stick to it?

Everyone tells you college is the time to explore, expand and get a little crazy, so why not embrace it? It’s the last years we get to be a little messy, push the limits and make those memories we’ll laugh about years later.

You’ll be able to dance on a tabletop here, which I doubt your future boss would find it nearly as amusing. This bucket list is intended to take you on and off campus, take you in and out of Statesboro with the goal of hopefully creating memories that when you look back on these years, your GSU pride will stay with you.

Nobody wants to look back on his or her college days and regret not doing enough.

As a senior, while I like to think I’ve done a lot, there is just as much that I haven’t. I’ve never seen a show at the PAC, completed a bar crawl or fed the ducks at Lakeside.

We all have our own personal goals we want to accomplish, and yes, there are the standard and necessary things we should do, like graduate, and there are a lot of others we may have never considered. Why not break out of our comfort zones?

Research has shown that people are more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down. So this is my take on the bucket list and the first challenge is to actually make one.  Challenge your comfort zones, and live a little, we’re only in undergrad once.