The Ultimate Guide to Building your Wardrobe while on a Budget

Madeline Branch

Buying clothes and shoes every month can potentially consume a huge amount of money out of your pockets. 

Whether you label yourself as a fashionista, fashion connoisseur or someone who just loves clothes, you probably find yourself spending the money you don’t have on apparel. 

We all wish we had a certain amount of money that we could spend clothes to create our ideal closet goals. 

Shopping can become an addiction. But not every addiction has to be unhealthy. It’s about finding healthy ways to cope with your spending habits that matter the most. 

You don’t always need a couple hundreds or thousands to look fashionable. Here is the ultimate guide to learning how to budget your money while also looking as stylish as can be.

Shopping During the Opposite Season

Have you ever noticed how websites or stores will mark down certain clothing items during another season? 

By all means, this does not indicate that there is something wrong with the clothing item or shoe. It just means that stores are trying to create room for their new season shipments. 

During the end-of-season sales or new season markdowns is the best way to shop for your next season clothes. 

Don’t be afraid to buy that winter coat in the summertime because 9 times out of 10 it has been marked down, and you’ll see the same coat or a similar one during the winter season for full-price. 

When you shop for clothes ahead of the upcoming season, you’re not spending as much money as you would during the actual season. Spend smarter, not harder. 


For someone who loves clothes, buying basic T-shirts and tanks are such a pain! 

You want compliments, you want admiration and you want questions as to where they can get the same shirt and a basic T-shirt just won’t give you that satisfaction. 

I had to learn the hard way that basic t-shirts and tanks are a must within your wardrobe, and, when I say basic, I mean any plain, primary-colored tee. 

Basic primary color t-shirts or tanks cost little to nothing, and you can also dress them up with any statement piece you have, such as pants, shoes, jackets or accessories. Sometimes, simplicity goes a long way. 

You’ll never have to ask yourself the question if the pattern in your shirt matches with your bottoms because the answer is yes, the T-shirt matches.  


Who doesn’t like jewelry? Many times, jewelry is in fact what takes your outfit from a subtle “oh, cute shirt” to  “ your outfit looks nice”.

Regardless of whatever you wear, you can never mess up an outfit by complementing it with a simple piece of jewelry, whether that be rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, hats or purses.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on accessory pieces. It’s okay to spend money on some non-expensive jewelry items to mix in with the expensive jewelry items you do have. 

Statement Pieces 

Finally, statement pieces are what makes us all feel unique. These pieces should only be bought every once in a while to build to your wardrobe while also adding flare to it. 

Statement pieces should be your favorite pieces. They are something that you can’t wear every day, but, when you do wear it, you feel unstoppable. 

Statement pieces can range from a pair of really funky shoes, a really cute over the top fur coat or leather jacket you were eyeing, some creative looking accessory pieces and even some dope bottoms. 

Statement pieces are what ultimately tie our whole outfit together. You can even pair your statement pieces with that basic t-shirt that you bought while still maintaining a fashionable look. 

Learning to mix and match your statement pieces to different shirts and pants will save you money. You won’t have to worry about spending more money on a shirt, bottoms or whatever item it may be to match. 

Managing your money better when it comes to buying clothes doesn’t always have to be a hassle. If you remember these few lifesavers, you’ll be sure to cut down on the amount you spend.