A Picture Perfect Showcase: GS Photography Club launches their first ever exhibition

A Picture Perfect Showcase: GS Photography Club launches their first ever exhibition

Jenna Wiley

The GS Photography club held their first exhibition displaying club members’ photographs taken over the course of the semester on November 21st in the Russell Union.

A relatively young organization, the photography club had their official launch this semester. The exhibition showcased different club members’ favorite pieces that they have taken so far this semester. 

David Olatunde, the current president and founder of the photography club, spoke on why he believes this showcase is important. 

“I wanted people to enjoy pure and creative artistic photographs and be motivated to be creative themselves,” said Olatunde. “I wanted the photographers to learn about criticism and encouragement. And more than anything I wanted people to appreciate great skill from hard work.” 

Olatunde hopes that, from this showcase, more students will become interested in photography and possibly modeling. 

“I believe photography is important for people to see and understand because it’s the representation of exceptional perspective and creative spirit. It’s a way to see the world through someone’s eyes and ideas,” he added.

To any student who is interested in joining the Photography Club, Olatunde had only encouraging words to share.

“I would tell the new students to take it slow, build on their strengths,” said Olatunde. “They should come in willing to fail and learn from their failures because they know they are gonna get better and better. Finally, I’d like them to remember art is open to personal interpretation, which means they can never have terrible pictures, only misunderstood works.”

For more information, please contact gsphotographyclub@gmail.com. Club meetings will begin next semester on Mondays at 5pm. Location is TBD. 

David Olatunde was previously a photographer for Student Media