The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Your Horoscope for February

With Aquarius Season on the horizon, many signs will experience a release and refresh to begin something new. Get ready to break patterns, let go of bad habits, and get out there! Lots of planetary movements are coming your way this February here are some dates to consider when looking for your sign.

Dates to Consider

Leo Moon – Feb. 5th: Will bring desire and passion to things and people we love or endear. This is the time to tell someone your feelings or do something you love, such as that hobby you’ve been putting off.

Aquarius Mercury – Feb. 11th: Will bring a change of perspective and new insight.

Pisces Sun – Feb. 18th: Imagination, creativity, and instinctive energy will be at a new height. Trust your gut, try new things, and trust the process. This is the time to try that new idea you’ve been pondering.

Pisces New Moon & Venus in Aries – Feb. 20th: A day of celebration, goals, and objectives!

What’s coming for your sign?


Your love life will begin to sweeten once Pisces enter Venus. This love may be a much-needed focus on yourself or a special someone. Use the creative energy of the Pisces sun to expand on your hobbies and release some of the extra passion! As the month closes expect the Mars in Gemini to inspire you to follow thru on plans. A much-needed discussion or conversation is needed to allow a release of baggage and make way for productivity.


You’ve been in a haze, but growth and self-inspiration is at an all time high this month! Your curiosity is allowing you to expand on a new found perspective. You are craving a fresh start and some “spice”, but don’t allow this to stir your relationships. Begin setting boundaries, exploring communication, and self-expression. Healing and empowerment is your motto this month!


You’re constantly thinking of others, Leo, with new relationships and unexpected partnerships coming your way! With these new socializations conflicts may arise, but don’t hold back your feelings. You will receive more unexpected news about work, relationships, and/or goals as the Leo moon comes in. On February 10th mercury in Capricorn will bring your biggest fears to light, how you view them will tell their consequences.


You’re coming to terms with your past and opening yourself to be more vulnerable. This shaking of the past will allow a new self to emerge. With Venus is pisces touches with mars in gemini your routine will crash and you’ll need time to process. The moon in Leo will bring awareness to financial situations you may be struggling with, but will allow for a turn towards the positive.


With the 8th new friends will appear and bring new opportunities. With the pisces sun your imagination will run wild and you’ll begin to dream of change, remember to ground yourself and stay in the present. On the 19th be open to new perspectives on life morals, as change is coming for everyone.


Creativity is at an all time high for you this month. Don’t settle on just one idea, and try new things. People may disturb you this month, but stay to yourself and your craft. With change being a constant, spice up you work and living space with the extra creativity you have this month.


Relationships will be rocky as we enter the month, don’t let emotions affect the conversation. Some stress is coming your way, be sure to take the time to let out those thoughts. Don’t allow negativity from other aspects to affect your relationships and work.


You will begin to find a new you and experiment with yourself and who you perceive yourself as. Have confidence is what you do this month and take risks.


Strong manifestations you’ve been waiting on will start to come forth. With this remain calm and collected and allow the process to work for you and not the other way around. Allow these small wins to uplift and reveal a new dazzle!


You’ve needed some change, and you’re gonna get it. Finalizations of these new ideas and changes are coming forth, don’t be scared to allow them to happen. Money issues will arise so proceed with caution.


Expect a lot of twists and turns on your journey. You will be on a rocky journey with money and people this month. Guide yourself to the right path or face loses that’ll hurt.


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