Athens music invades Statesboro at Summer Jam

Lilly McCann

Summer Jam music fest returns to GATA’s Sports Bar & Grille for its fifth annual show with its largest lineup of bands ever.

The event will be held Saturday at GATA’s beginning at 6 p.m. for a $7 admission fee, and performances will commence on both the indoor and outdoor stages.

Summer Jam is the creation of Greg Kearney, a Statesboro native and musician. The party began in 2009 as a way to bring together music and his birthday.

“I talked about it with some musician friends of mine in Athens, and the first Summer Jam was born. Each year, it has gained notoriety as a way to combine music, fans, friends and family,” Kearney said.

Summer Jam, which is held every July, will provide multiple genres and styles of music like jam, soul, funk and progressive.

“Playing keeps getting more fun each year. I’m friends with every act playing this year, and that tends to lend itself to a more laid back, fun atmosphere,” Kearney said.

“This year we have by far our the best lineup yet.  There is some real talent from around Georgia coming to play this year,” Kearney said.

The lineup includes bands Lazy Locomotive, Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove, Mama’s Love, Those Cats, The Other Brothers Band and Kearney’s own Tent City and Friends.

“I’m especially looking forward to having Brock Butler play as well as new comers Mama’s Love and Lazy Locomotive. We like to keep the lineup varied from year-to-year so as to not get monotonous,” Kearney said.

Lazy Locomotive and Mama’s Love, bands that have risen from Athens’ band scene, will perform this year at Summer Jam. Lazy Locomotive recently performed at Wakarusa Musical Festival, and Mama’s Love was recently voted 2013 Jam Band of the Year by Athens’ Flagpole Music Awards.