Georgia Southern NAACP strives to bring awareness and educate

Tatiana Joseph-Saunders

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern’s NAACP is working to be involved in the local community while providing GS students a safe place to discuss issues. 

“We want to serve as a place of comfort for all individuals who feel ostracized,” spokespersons of GS NAACP said. “Along with comfort, we want to offer information and knowledge about current events that affect us and the stories of our ancestors before us.”

As the club states that it is,“A distinguished association that was built on honesty, honor, service and respect,” GS NAACP encourages all students to join, regardless of their ethnicity. 

“GSU NAACP welcomes all students so no one should be uncomfortable about approaching us,” the club said concerning non-black or non-POC eagles interested in the association. “We are a well-respected and inclusive association that is surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to become activists and stay educated on the social indifferences occurring in our country.”

Non-POC students should support and have respect for POC, according to GSU NAACP. 

“It is up to both parties to bridge the gap and open the door to speaking about all injustices going on in the world,” GS NAACP spokesperson said.

GS NAACP have general body meetings every other Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in COBA, room 1104. The next meeting will be Nov. 12.

Their executive board consists of Christina Fisher as President, Morgan Copeland as Vice President, Nykolas Collins as Secretary, and Kennijah Martin as Treasurer.

Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, The George-Anne News Reporter,