Groucho’s comes to Statesboro

Alexandra McCray

Monday, Bigshow’s Burgers and A Smokin’ Place smoke shop will get a new neighbor in Groucho’s Deli.

Groucho’s Deli will open its first franchise in Georgia in Statesboro on June 24.

“The company started in Columbia, South Carolina in 1941 and has been growing ever since. This is the only location in Georgia, but one will be coming soon to Athens,” owner and general manager, Tyler Surratt, said.

“Groucho’s wants to franchise in college towns because they do really well there,” Surratt said.

With nothing on the menu over $10, Groucho’s will have something at an affordable price for everyone, carnivores, vegetarians and dieters alike.

Signature dippers, a variety of sub and cold cut sandwiches, original sauces and salads will be just a few of the items that Groucho’s menu will offer. The deli will also offer catering services to parties of eight or more.

“We’re famous for our formula 45 sauce and the STP dipper, and all our sauces are made fresh every day in the store,” said Surratt.

Groucho’s will be located where Video Warehouse previously was on Brampton Avenue, and has only taken two months to spring up.

Even though the restaurant is scheduled to open next Monday applicants are welcome to come in and fill out applications for kitchen staff and waitress positions, Surratt said.

The deli will be rubbing elbows with popular Statesboro burger stop Bigshow’s Burgers as well as smoke shop A Smokin’ Place.

“I feel good about Groucho’s moving in next door, it’ll bring even more people to us and will be good for getting our name out there because a lot of people still don’t even know we’re here,” Tehrelle Billups, neighboring establishment, A Smokin’ Place’s manager, said.

Junior theatre arts major Chryssie Lewis said she loves deli food and looks forward to trying the wide variety of salads and sandwiches that Groucho’s will offer.

Lewis said, “They have a lot of options, even for vegetarians. Sometimes it’s hard to go to delis because a lot of people have the preconceived notions that everyone eats meat, and that’s not necessarily true so the vegetarian options are never appealing.”