“How I Met My Major†to educate undeclared majors

Ashley Cravey

An event hosted by the First Year Experience office will inspire students to find their niche on Georgia Southern University’s campus.

“How I Met My Major” aims to inspire and help undeclared or unsure students find a career path that suits them. The union will host the event March 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Russell Union in room 2080.

“As an advisor, I have found that students are more likely to listen to their peers,” said Jahtm Flores, FYE academic advisor.

Flores created the event three years ago when she reflected on her own struggles as an undergraduate to find the right major.

She recalled how her older friends who were committed to their majors and heavily involved in campus activities inspired her.

“I want to focus on how undeclared students shouldn’t let finances dictate their major choices. They should explore their options and see what’s available. I went from pre-med to pre-law because I wanted to make money, now I’m doing something I’ll enjoy,” said Jacoby Carpenter, A junior hotel and restaurant management major.

Every semester a different group of upperclassmen are asked to speak at the event and share their stories and experiences on how they found the perfect major.

Megan Weathers a sophomore political science major, said “Thinking about it I’ve always been interested in government and politics, I want to be able to do things about our policies that I don’t like.”