Students voice complaints about buses; director leaves questions unanswered

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Emma Collins

Georgia Southern University students continue to complain about issues with the bus system, but Parking and Transportation director Kristi Bryant declined to comment on any changes students can expect.

Students have expressed concerns about a number of problems relating to GSU’s bus system including the number of buses available, the temperature inside the buses, overcrowding and cleanliness.

“They need to limit the number of people they allow to get on the buses. There are so many people on the buses I feel like they’re going to flip over on turns,” Ashlei Perkins, senior early childhood major, said.

“I feel like they can be on a more timely schedule. They also need to pay attention to the weather and not have the heat on inside when it’s 90 degrees outside,” Perkins said.

“The buses are always crowded,” Ebony Turner, freshman psychology major, said.

Turner rides the buses regularly, using them as her main mode of transportation to and from her classes.

“Nine o’clock at night is also kinda early for the buses to stop running. People are still at the RAC then,” Turner said.

Kaila Mitchell, a junior accounting major who also rides the buses regularly, agreed that the buses tend to be packed.

“It’s always crowded. They need to make more routes and get more buses,” Mitchell said.

Chanelle Joseph, senior psychology and political science major, also feels that the bus system is continuing to have issues.

“They don’t run in a timely fashion, and they slow down at night. I also think the buses should go both ways on the routes,” Joseph said.

A reduced number of buses run after 4 p.m., according to the Parking and Transportation website.

Running a fewer number of buses in the evenings is inconvenient for some students, Sam Witherington, senior writing and linguistics major, said.

“Buses aren’t as frequent after around 5:00, and some people have later classes on campus,” Witherington said.

In May 2012, a fleet of interim buses was sent to GSU from Emory University, but the mechanical conditions of the buses were found unacceptable.  Parking and Transportation opted to keep the buses they already had, and the interim fleet was returned to First Transit, the company who operates the bus system on GSU’s campus. The Office of Parking and Transportation expects to receive a new fleet of buses in spring of 2013, according to a June 2012 interview with Kristi Bryant.

Kristi Bryant refused to comment or give an update on when students could expect the new buses to arrive.