Licensing Resource Group to represent GSU

Grace Huseth

On Oct. 3 Georgia Southern University signed an agreement to allow Licensing Resource Group to represent the university and its domestic licensing program.

LRG currently represents more than 180 universities and provides trademark management services that include merchandising, brand development, and IT according to a news release.

GSU has independently represented itself for the past 30 years, but is ready to take the next step add LRG to maximize exposure, according to the release.

“As Georgia Southern University has continued to grow in size and reputation, we saw an opportunity to grow our trademark and licensing efforts”, Connie Palfy, assistant vice president for licensing and administrative affairs said the a news release.

GSU has already gained national recognition in 2012 when it was named one of the most popular universities in the country based on admissions yield, yet could use more publicity in other areas.

Some of those areas include the athletic department especially if GSU is invited to join FBS. In terms of academics, more prospective students should be aware of the new engineering program initiated this fall semester.

Palfy said, “As Georgia Southern positions itself for future growth, now is the perfect time to extend our brand’s reach and to capitalize on an incredible story of tradition and success.”