GSU students vote in favor of proposed student fees

Lauren Gorla

Announced today at noon, Georgia Southern University students voted in favor of the Athletic Expansion fee, Athletic Operations fee and Sustainability fee.

9,390 students, or 55 percent, voted this week on the three student fees.

“I think the vote in general is a historic point in Georgia Southern University, to give our students the chance to vote on student fees,” Coach Jeff Monken, head coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles football team, said.

Paulson Expansion Fee

70.4% of students voted yes to the $25 fee for the expansion of Paulson stadium.

“We’ve outgrown our stadium so much so now students will have the option to actually sit down,” Dominique Quarles, president of SGA, said.

Sustainability Fee

 74.4% of students voted yes to the $10 green fee in support of sustainability on campus.

“This fee will be able to allow us to give our students a culture of sustainability,” Quarles said.


61.2% of students voted yes to the $75 FBS fee, which will not be implemented until the school has received an invitation to move up.

“This is the first step.  From here, we take this to the Board of Regents and ask them to allow us to charge these fees,” Keel said.  “This has been an opportunity for the Board of Regents to feel comfortable about the fee.”