Students learn about consent and sexual assault at Commit to Consent rally

Anthony Belinfante

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern University hosted the Commit to Consent rally on Tuesday to educate students on what consent is. 

Located at the Rotunda, the rally was part of the It’s On Us campaign taking place throughout the week on campus.

It’s On Us launched in 2014 by the White House in an effort to prevent sexual assault across college campuses by asking students to change their attitudes and practice bystander intervention. 

Bystander intervention refers to noticing when a sexual assault is about to occur and stepping in to stop it.

Each year, the campaign hosts events that focus on sexual awareness, prevention, and advocacy.

“I think this is good to kind of get the facts on it and how important it actually is and how prominent it is,” senior exercise science major Lauren Karinshak said.

The Commit to Consent rally featured different stations that helped inform students on consent while also allowing them to get involved in different activities.

Students wrote questions such as “is this okay with you?” and “are you sure you want to do this?” on sticky notes and stacked them on a board. There was also an “I ask for consent” wall that allowed students to leave their handprints with the help of paint.

Later this week, It’s On Us will host the events Day for Survivors and Beat the Blame Game on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. 

Day for Survivors will allow survivors to reclaim their stories in a safe space, while giving students the opportunity to learn more about prevention and advocacy.

“People who experience sexual assault aren’t always forthcoming about it and this will help them feel support that they need during their situation,” freshman chemistry major Olivia Creamer said.

It’s On Us will also host National Coming Out Day: Sexual Violence & the LGBTQ+ Community on Friday, with more information to be provided. For more information about It’s On Us week, read here.

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,